22 thoughts on “2 Billion iPhone Apps Downloaded, Apple Says”

    1. Hey in hind sight he is wrong 😉

      Never mind… I think it is going to be interesting to see how Microsoft responds. I am hoping they get WinMo 7 out pretty quickly.

      1. “interesting to see how Microsoft responds”. Microsoft has had two years and nine months since the iPhone announcement and demo at Macworld 2007. If with all their essentially limitless resources they haven’t responded yet (heck, even near bankrupt Palm managed to respond), they never will. Sure, they’ll release WinMo 6.5. and 7, but they will be lucky if they can compete with Android and WebOS. Forget about the iPhone — that ship has sailed.

      2. I’m not sure WinMo7 is going to matter in terms of apps. I thought Microsoft would have more apps than most platforms, but just saw their own press release from February of this year. When they announced their app store, they said there were over 20,000 apps for Windows Mobile: https://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2009/feb09/02-16MWCPR.mspx

        I then saw their press release from when they introduced WinMo 5.0. Back then they said they had 18,000 apps. Yikes!

  1. Apple’s lead in number of Applications and Downloads and 3rd-party Accessories makes it extremely difficult for any competitor to catch up.

    Unlike Microsoft, Apple is in a commanding lead because it simply made the best product and people came. Apple did not have to force people to buy Apple (unlike what Microsoft did).

    Face it, any competitor is fighting for second place.

  2. I am hoping the statistics in this post combined with that Ballmer quote will cause Microsoft shareholders to remove him from the board.

    Not a lawyer, but isn’t that the “fiduciary duty” thingy?

  3. How many of those 85,000 apps are actually worth anything? Don’t get me wrong, I wish Apple well and all… it is more a question of curiosity.

    It seems like most of those apps have no real value (remember shaking baby). How many of the 2 billion apps were given away for free?

    1. +1

      I think Chris makes the key point. Volume, in this case, is actually near meaningless. The App store has huge numbers of applications similiar to the desktop software market in the mid to late 90’s. Awareness, discoverability, and reuse value were decimated with the only winner being……. Microsoft.

      I think when smartphone browsers provide a very rich user experience for a critical mass of phones in the market, Apple’s App Store, as well as all the others will fall by the wayside leaving developer roadkill worldwide.

      Developers should be fighting the problems of awareness, discoverability, and reuse with killer Internet applications and services, not thin clients with the life expectancy of flies.

      My $.02.


    2. I agree i’d say a good percentage of the apps in the app store are completely useless. How many apps have you downloaded, used once, and never touched again?

  4. of course you’re going to see continued exponential growth here in this stat because they count an update to an existing app as a download….

  5. I’ve downloaded more than 100 aps but now only use Showtimes, NeuroMobile and a few news readers. If this usage pattern projects to others not many apps are used regularly. I have yet to find any data on usage. The 85K number seems inflated.

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