7 thoughts on “What’s Up, “G”?”

  1. This is the end of the line for G. This idea will likely fail. As a matter of fact it already has but the switch to virtual currently will also fail, so G may have the dubious honor of succeeding twice and failing twice. Just hope for his sake that he hasn’t spent all his money by now.

  2. All I am going to say is ‘Welcome’. With his entrepreneurial spirit, God knows we can use some fresh perspective around here. Plus, who is measuring the barometer as to how crowded this industry is? Didn’t we just start monetizing the virtual currency via offer networks less than two years ago??? I highly doubt we have reached the end of our ropes already here. My bank acct sure as hell doesn’t agree.

  3. He’s in talks with lots of VC’s right now? But may wait until January? Sounds like things are not going well enough to raise money right now so he may have to try again next year. He also said he was going to raise money when he first announced Gwallet (but never did). I think this guy has run out of bullets.

  4. I wish everyone good luck and hope all good ideas get funded and become successful. This particular person announced a “round” last year — it never happened. Then we see the original idea got tossed. Now we hear that this new round may or may NOT happen now. No serious person proclaims such things unless they are bluffing which is what I am guessing is the case here.

  5. It’s pretty hard to have one successful startup, especially at age 16. The odds having another one just a few years later is also very low, especially at 21. But, if there is an entrepreneur with a track record that could pull it off – it’d be this one. I guess the skeptics and cynics will only see as time goes on.

  6. That is why he’s going to Europe to get investors.. because he’s too cheap. i believe its a fad that wont last.

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