14 thoughts on “SixApart bets that future is MoBlogging”

  1. I don’t know that its an ease of use issue for users… like for me, I’m savvy and would send all kinds of stuff from my razr which has decent resolution, but then I found out that Cingular is charging like 25 cents per MMS message, thats pretty steep. Its that or fork out an extra 20 bucks a month for unlimited usage, but do I value sending photos so much that I would spend half what my phone contract costs to do it? (no)

  2. I have heard lots of rumbling from various places that want to ban camera phones. This has been going on for years with little action, but at the same time is not going away. Is this iddle posturing in the face of a changing society or a real threat thse types of emerging services? I don’t know the answer.

  3. Betting the future of their company on it? Hope not for their sake. As other folks have commented, this was done by numerous companies over the last several years. Just like with blogging, there are so few barriers to entry here. Right now, camera phone photography sucks on its own. It’s cumbersome and slow. What role will companies like Vizrea have in this space?

  4. David,

    I think mobile is a big play and they are smart to focus on that. I didn’t suggest (I hope) that they bet the farm on it, but given that their hot growth markets are in Asia and Europe, it makes absolute sense for them to go down this path.

  5. So where exactly is this going? “There are a lot of companies that offer moblogging” would summarise this article. If you pay your own phone bills, unlike most tech journos, then it is inordinately expensive. Game over.

    This site is very pretty now, btw.

  6. You’re aboslutely right Ian, cost to consumers is of paramount importance. Which is why a hybrid multi-channel input-output approach laced with simple operations and customisations is the way to go. Having said that, we started with mobile as core approach, then shifted out to the Net to prove a point. Today, Telco & Manufacturer economics have been enlightened. As a matter of fact, they are positively sure cost has to be lower. Which is a good thing all round! Unlike last year, moblogging is no longer seen as premium service. In our experience, this is good, of course. The industry itself has brought down MMS cost to 36% of what it was to moblog January-July ’05 (from our experience that is).

  7. Why not just use email? I dont want to have to download something to my mobile unit. Do you see the download application like ShoZu being more successful in the future?

  8. Indeed Krish, there will be many segments/user preferences. A good service provider will have to serve in the way it can best. MMS is one channel, simple, on most phones, but has network limitations of between 100kb-300kb, operator dependent. Thus not good enough with the new gen megapix camphones (granted those phones scale down images to 640×480 for photos, but for videos its just to little). Email is another, natural one for savvy users. Especially if they subscribe to unlimited/flat rate data packages from the operators. And then there are apps built into phones like Nokia’s LifeBlog, which can sync with a few free blogging/media sharing platforms out there. Synonymous with this will be other downloadable apps as well. Final category are similar featured to those built-in/downloadable apps, but bolted into the OS seamlessly, no more separate apps. Thats coming from Nokia too as part of its ‘Gallery’ menu in newer phones (series60), real soon.

  9. Stock to play on “”Camera Phones””is OmniVision (OVTI) which has the Moto RAZR and Q phone cameras inside the 2.0mp Video Cameras. OmniVision is preparing to roll out a 3.2mp Wave Front Coding Camera inside all high end 2007 Video CellPhone Camera’s. OVTI will have 50% of the High End Camera Phone biz end of 2007.

  10. Question is “”HOW does one make money from a moBlog site”???, ie how does the owner of the website ever make any money?????/
    PS the stock OVTI has dropped 3% so far today, I KNOW how to pick em’ HEH????

  11. If volume grows, MMS prices will fall, so dont worry about your phone bill. Telecoms are seeking hard for m-blogs

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