8 thoughts on “U.S. Broadband Growth Continues to Slow”

  1. Oh no – it’s exploding exponentially. Thats why TWC needs all those extra bandwidth caps that they insist are not just to make more money. I bet their cable subscription revenue is falling too – after all HBO, Digital Cable, etc. are all optional services that people really don’t NEED.

    Broadband providers have two choices – look forward or be replaced/die. Those that look forward will provide better service, more bandwidth and faster speeds at lower and lower prices. Those that go with caps, non-neutral nets and other tactics will be replaced or removed.

  2. Bandwidth metering is not a good idea for generating extra revenue. Subscribers are turned off by the uncertainty of their bills rather thanjust by what they end up paying. Predictability is worth a lot to subscribers, especially when they generally do not have a good idea how much bandwidth they actually consume.

  3. Broadband penetration in the UK has gone so high that the Office for National Statistics has discontinued its quarterly reporting of broadband growth. Nearly 60% of broadband users in the UK enjoy speeds of 2Mbps or higher.

    However, superfast next-generation access coverage which is negligible today is expected to increase quickly over the next year and forecasted to pass 50 per cent by 2014, thereby stimulating growth.

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