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  1. Om & Company,

    GigaOm’s looking pretty awesome! I’d beenreading most of your articles on Business 2.0 magazine eversince the magazine was launch; after the merger of 2 cool magazines.

    Now, I visit and read this site when i can’t wait for the new issue of the magazine — or just don’t want to be left behind with news in biz and tech.


  2. the design looks like it’s optimized for a width of 800 pixel and above – but unfortunately it doesn’t really play out that way. on win xp, firefox with 800 * 600 you get horizontal scroll bar. which is probably not what you guys had in mind …

  3. ‘nonym’… thanks for the feedback on screen size.

    we’re still working on a number of things; we’ll try and do a little more optimization over the weekend… after we stomp out a few more bugs, and get some sleep 😉

  4. om! your avatar! word. you are the illest internet mc ever. party like it’s 1999! literally! btw is this a desi party in any capacity? make sure you have some nice kuris for the exclusive after party 😉

    p8ce out homey


  5. Om,

    looks great! I love how the posts are more defined in the design. I also like the nice touch of the comment bubbles.

    Keep up the good work. We will be reading you like always everyday.

  6. For me, when I click on the different tabs, I am redirected to a different blog layout. Is this on purpose? Ortherwise, I love the new design.

  7. OK – I think it’s time I told you that you’re PISSING ME OFF for not inviting me to any of your parties!

    You party on the rooftop of my buddy (and former next door neighbor) Chip Conley’s hotel, you hunker down with the WordPress kids the night before – you even send me to your favorite Tandoori place in Delhi – without a name of the matres D’ – HOW THE HELL am I supposed to be schmoozing without your help?

    • marc
  8. hi om,

    good new design. looks nice and friendly. but for some reason i can’t find your link section. i am sure yourboadband wiki still exists and i visisted it from time to time to get some info, but i never bookmarked it, because its part of the ompire (and was linked from the main page). same goes for your other sites. any plans to put the links back up?


  9. Om & gang, this is really nice! I love the comments section. It’s so clean and readable. BTW, you’ve got the best open forum for comments that I’ve seen on the web and it provides extensive material from readers that really adds to the overall experience.


  10. Three suggestions:

    • Too much blue hurts. Could use some other color to go with it.
    • Regular fonts like Verdana (best), Tahoma (good) or Arial should be used in post text, not Trebuchet or any other designer fonts.
    • Why pay for your own “Guest Blogger Ad”? Can’t you put up your own ad directly rather than showing it through FM?

    Not sure why, but except for the comments page, I prefer the old design better.

    Anyway, Congrats for the re-launch! =)

  11. ebrahim: thanks for the feedback, and sorry to make you feel ‘blue’…we might try out a few font ideas to see what works best for folks.

    moritz: we want to bring the broadband wiki into the OMpire at some point in the near future… working on that one.

  12. My only criticism – and this is design-related – is the serif font for your blog post titles. It just doesn’t flow with the rest of the theme, which is smooth and bubbly. Either make it bigger, fatter or just go with a similar font style to everything else.

    That said, I really dig your solid placement of ads (integrated but not obnoxious like other blogs and content-sensitive tabs across the top; the two stand-outs for me.

  13. Om et Team, I wish I could provide some constructive feedback on how to improve the new site but I’ve knocked around for about 30 minutes and can’t find any weaknesses.

    Lay out is simple and intuitive. Color scheme is easy on the eyes and
    inviting. Nice use of rounded corners and bubble comments to make the site feel less “tech” and more community.

    Hope you all enjoyed the party and any subsequent sleep. It is well deserved.


    p.s. If you are going to have an India tab, why not a “Canada” tab? We’re doing some great things up here.

  14. Oh and on the layout:
    I think it looks good. 2 things though:

    the black line on top that strikes right through the logo is not necessary imho, and the horizontal scrolling annoys me 🙂 also, do you sell your sponsors to only advertise to 1024 px + folks, and not to 800×600?

  15. I think the old design looked more professional. The current one looks like some random wordpress blog on the net. I’m specifically speaking of the rounded corner-framed posts with categories and tags unceremoniously dumped at the bottom, the comment speakbox frames that may seem cool to some but waste a lot of space, and the light blue and cartoon visual design that adds some personality but seems like some amateur blog on the net. The header and the footer of the pages are fine, it’s the framing of the content that’s not so great. I also like that you added links to contiguous articles, I always wanted those.

    I like that you tried to add some personality but your visual design communicates who you are. The old design communicated a slick, professional reporting blog, the new one seems like some kid on the internet installed wordpress and tried to write something cool. I prefer the former though it could always have been spruced up.

  16. Hello Dave, Good to hear my opinion was registered. Don’t mean to step on any toes, are you the one who came up with the design? I was just stating some honest criticism of the new design, mostly aesthetic (except for the bloated comment boxes, please cut those down). Perhaps you can articulate what the goals of this visual design were, why you made the choices you did. I’d be interested in hearing about it.

  17. hi ajay –

    well, can’t say i was the only person involved in the effort — the man himself was a significant influence, as was our design team over at Ideacodes and others Behind the Curtain.

    however, one of the overall goals was to make it easier for people to discover the different content verticals the GigaOm team covers, and also to provide the writer headshot illustrations, to make it clear that folks like Katie and Robert and others were also writing stories, not just Om.

    the tabs are there to make it clear what subject areas we cover, as well as to allow people who like those subjects to focus more on their specific interests. we also created the ‘Featured’ section so that articles didn’t move so quickly off the main page. before, when everything was all in one area many times feature articles flew by quickly — however that view is still available via the ‘All Stories’ tab if you like the all-you-can-eat approach.

    while i can’t comment on the colors & look & feel (i’m not a designer), it was a design that several people seemed to like. but hey, we know we can’t please everyone. and we’re always open to suggestions 🙂

    regards & we’ll keep working on it,

    • dave
  18. Yeah, like I said, I’m talking about the visual design, not the way the site’s content is linked to. I guess it was done by ideacodes, but they could have just been following orders. I’m not sure that most people would think this visual design was better than the last.

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