20 thoughts on “U.S. Leading the Global Mobile Data Boom”

  1. I think most data revenue of US carriers come from text messaging charges. So if I am not wrong, here we are not talking about 3G or mobile internet traffic but billions of SMS charged at 15-20 cents each.

  2. Interesting, even without an iconic device, Verizon shows well against the competition. It’ll be interesting to see numbers next year when they have the Pre and Android devices on their network. And of course the extreme outside chance of an iPhone in some form.

    1. So this shows revenue, not total data usage. I believe I’ve seen data suggesting iPhone users do way more data usage than average. An additional chart on actual data usage might show that AT&T gets much less revenue per equivalent data usage than VZW. That’s got to hurt.

  3. this also shows that US customers are also among the most duped with all kinds of charges. when i send a sms, i get charged 20c AND the receiver gets charged 20c. where else do you see such nonsense?

    1. Re the SMS share of data revenues: I’m sure SMS is included in the numbers above. For the US operators I’d expect SMS revenue to be nearly half of all data revenue.

      Secondly, I want to point out that e.g. China Mobile does not have 500M subscribers – it has that many subscriptions. With some operators the difference between these two is very significant. It would be less confusing if we talked about about connections and subscribers.

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