8 thoughts on “V-Chip 2.0 Bill & Consequences For Online Video”

  1. OM – a general comment. A compliment to you – your editorials of late are refreshing – your new initivates are defintely informative. You are beginning to separate the GigaOM network from the rest of the pack in blogosphere – and you might be leaving the others in the early lead pack sucking dust pretty soon. I won’t mention names, but the bunch in the early pack of must read blogs are all imploding. Good Luck – keep it going!

  2. Just a quick little correction. Mark Pryor is the senator in ARkansas not AriZona. Common mistake that only bothers us Arkansans, not that I’m proud of Mark Pryor, but at least he’s better than Huckabee.

  3. Protecting children from nefarious stuff may be part of our moral duty, but so is protecting everyone’s freedom of speech.
    In an age of virtually infinite channels, I think that it’s impossible to control content the way it was done with broadcast.
    That doesn’t mean that children can’t be protected, it just means that it’s the parents’ (gasp!) job to do it, not the government’s!

  4. It is absolutely not “our moral duty” to protect children from objectionable content. It’s my duty as a parent to protect my own children. Government (or anybody else, for that matter) has absolutely no role to play here.

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