7 thoughts on “Wooing People to ‘Yes’!”

  1. Expanding on #4)
    4B) Set aside and prempt their “no”…
    My people at duck9 don’t call to sell access to students with a FICO of 750. They call to warn of pitfalls of giving away premium (pizza), tips using a SSP (second stage premium), fraud of wrong cellies, AND management of our 1,300 student representatives.

    4C) Set aside your need to sell something. Call when you don’t need to make numbers. Call when your en fuego. Make a sales call to socialize and add value while setting aside your need to make commission/profit.}

  2. Treat the receptionist like the CEO and you’ll at least get more shots at actually pitching the CEO. It’s amazing how bone-headed people are; treating assistants like second-class citizens. I love the story (and it’s not apocryphal) of a sales team with an appointment with a senior VP at Customer X and it just so happened that the flu bug had ravaged the ranks and the senior VP, who obviously had a great attitude, was filling in for a half-hour at the front desk to let the beleaguered (and lone — there were usually four front desk people) receptionist get some lunch. The sales team got impatient at having to wait and started making assholish comments to “the help”. The VP left the desk when the receptionist returned and then let the sales team cool their heels for 2 hours before informing them that her calendar was just too jammed — for the next year.}

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