9 thoughts on “Veoh Vs Video Bloggers”

  1. Hopefully this exposure will force Veoh and others to do the right thing.

    We also covered the events as they happened, starting friday morning.

  2. Whoa that desperate huh Veoh? There main problem is they started with technology searching for a problem to solve. Just because the founders knew P2P technology, doesn’t mean they should try to use it to fix anything.

    In the end for Veoh and YouTube and the other guys, for people that own the quality content, they will want users to go to their own website to view videos, not on someone elses website. Especially once YouTube and other online TV places start making money. The best they will do is be a starting point to find other websites with video.

  3. I’ve never understood how some of the blogs out there get their popularity. They basically just reprint the content of others without even adding anything of substance. How many Instapundit-style metabloggers are needed? Not many. It just strikes me as a pathetic “me too, me too!!!” attempt to make a name for yourself when you’re not even trying to write or produce your own commentary.

  4. It’s now with casual video, and last year was for weblog text, and a few years before that with musicians’ output, but before that was warez — native-code instructions you run on your own computer, artfully branded but of dubious source — and the warez scene never really died out.

    When a digital asset is created, is it a public good for anyone to use as they wish, or do the creators of that digital asset have some ownership of it? That’s the unanswered question beneath all these various debates.

  5. Add to that, that Veoh recently banned 165 countries without prior notice, an valid explaination and no apology. If they did post an apology, it is in thier unreachable forum.
    Many of thier community in the 31 countries left, are blacklisting Veoh as they have demonstrated thier untrustworthiness to all.
    Additionally, videos uploaded to VEOH from the banned countries are still being viewed and downloaded by the privileged few.
    Under International Law this is theft, and under Internet law, piracy.
    It seems VEOH need some money to continue. I, as an American, am thoroughly ashamed by VEOH’s behaviour, and urge others not to judge Americans by the bad haviour of one. I have blackballed VEOH and moved everything to one of the many “Anti-VEOH” sites that are appearing in the USA, UK and the EU, and I urge others to follow suit.

  6. Why the Veho dosen’t work in Albania.But say the Veho don’t work in Montenegro ,please rlease the Veho for Albania

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