One thought on “Veraz and the IPO slowdown”

  1. It’s a bit amazing actually that they managed to raise almost $72M having never posted a profit. Looking at the market they are in would suggest that more money = greater scale = greater scale of losses. Maybe this is an SV outsider’s perspective but the public market’s willingness to bet that this will turn around is pretty bullish. If I were buying the stock I’d hope to cash in quick on someone bigger buying them and squeezing some extra efficiency out of that $100M in topline. If other people are thinking like that then the market is willing to be quite speculative, which is a good thing for people planning an IPO.

    Any idea who the underwriters were?

    BTW: I absolutely agree with your March 23rd assessment…assuming that the remaining 6.75M shares actually brought in capital to the company then one would hope that nothing disastrous will transpire with this IPO for at least 12 months.

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