9 thoughts on “What is the future of Ad Exchanges”

  1. I know of a few companies going down this road. I’m personally a huge proponent of an online ad-exchange. This will in effect drive the 90% junk on the internet to the bottom and drive the good content sites to the top where they can fetch top dollar. It equalizes the market based, hopefully, on measurable statistics. How great would it be, if to be listed in the market, you had to use something like Statcounter to accurately track your stats???

  2. This is just like building a hotel in a swamp biz school case study
    1st wave comes in drains swamp, runs outta money
    2nd wave comes in builds building, runs outta money
    3rd wave buys up assets, rebrands, dumbs down and makes a killing

    We’re in the stage right before the second wave

    See, PCC (Parkland Community College) really did pay off dad

    p.s. add me as your Facebook buddie, Larry Chiang

  3. Well I wouldn’t exactly say they are suddenly hot, as they have been around for a long time. Most ad networks have an exchange element, and adbrite has been trying to re-invent the space for the past few years. The main problem with any ad exchange is the vast number of sub-par publishing sites make it really difficult for any marketer to choose from the best of the worst. And from a publisher standpoint, there are usually way too many other publishers to compete with that you have to accept horribly low rates to get any takers.

  4. Online Ad Exchanges are the future indeed! Especially when these exchanges provided add-value services that did not exist before. That’s why I believe soon, everyone is going to get blipd!

  5. Om,

    Media company advantages are 1. content 2. exclusive control over the distribution of that content 3. sales

    everyone can have a sales team. not everyone can have content and control of distribution.

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