10 thoughts on “Verizon has a million FiOS customers”

  1. Tell Verizon to hold that Chmapagne bottle for now. They still have to iron out so many customer related issues, like supporting office 2007 and vista for their pda phones, launching better, more usable phones, etc…

  2. Thats wonderful. Verizon has had dozens of illegal immagrants doing all the digging for the fibre optics around central florida for months. Broken waterlines,sprinkers and no accountability. Thanks Verizon I will never be one of your Fios subscribers and I hope you lose your shirt for such tactics. Even our county commisioner knew the contractors they hired were not on the up and up. Hello immagrations, ” we called you dozens of times and never got a person, just push 1 for emglish. Where is the ICE when we need them. Find them bust them fine them and deport them. Put the ones paying them in Jail so it does not happen again.

  3. I’m curious as to their Cost Per new subscriber. Where I live in Virginia, they’ve sent multiple FedEx delivery envelopes with special signups for switching from Cox Cable to FIOS.

  4. FiOS already has cable companies concerned, not because of the price or speed, but because it is a data driven purchase. If you look at MSO doubles and triples, they are video (TV) driven purchases with data at about 50% and phone at less than 25% (except Cablevision). FiOS customers are making the purchasing decision based on data first. If you look at MSO capital spending projected for 2007, it is over 70% video: digital simulcast, HD, Switched digital, new STB’s, On Demand, Advanced advertising, …

  5. “Now if Verizon could start cutting prices when its broadband becomes affordable – that would give CableCos something to worry about.”

    You can get 15/2 for $49.99 in CA. Show me a cable company who can do that for a non promotional offer better than that (regardless of speed). I used to pay $55 for 6M/768k.

  6. The speeds and pricing are nice, but I’d get it simply for the multi-room DVR and the NFL network, neither of which are available on Time Warner (my only choice currently in NYC).

    If only it were available…

  7. FIOS TV sounds great. The only problem is that the website tells me it is available in my town; two calls to order FIOS were met with an assurance that it is NOT available; once my order was processed thru Cablevision to transfer my phone number, a letter with a big stop sign at the top urged my to call immediately; I called and was told there in fact is FIOS tv in my neighborhood; I order and received an installation date; Date came and passed so I called and was told the order had been cancelled the day before because FIOS is NOT in my neighborhood!; Another call was place and they told me that is wrong, FIOS IS avaiable to me.

    By this time I had it! I asked for a Supervisor and they said the policy is that they call back in 24 to 48 hours. It is now 4 days later and no call.

    Where do I go from here? I have sent a fax to the CEO of Verizon, Mr. Seidenberg, but have received not response yet. Are they so successfull in NJ that they don’t care about new business? Or, do they just plain have incompetent staff?


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