4 thoughts on “Verizon Leading AT&T on IPTV…for now”

  1. SBC (masquerading as AT&T) is a company aggressively dedicated to squeezing the absolute most money for the absolute least quality with minimal oversight, competition or regulation. I’m no fan of Verizon, but this makes me smile- at least they are willing to do the right thing on the technical side.

  2. Amen to that DAG. I think any company which is willing to bet their future on an unproven platform from Microsoft should be prepared for the consequences.

  3. Om, if i’m not mistaken, Verizon isn’t using IP to deliver FiOS video in most places (if any). Despite the “IPTV” marketing push, I think they’re using conventional cable protocols. I could be wrong – I just poked around a bit to see if I could confirm that hypothesis but couldn’t find anything immediately.

    Not sure it changes the gist of your piece, but assuming i’m correct, the headline is misleading.

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