5 thoughts on “Verizon Offers Faster 7 Mbps DSL”

  1. ah but here’s the rub. 5 years ago when i moved into my house they offered 7.1 to me. I took the 3 megs. Last year they took that tier away..and now they are re-offering it..no big deal here..they are trying to look competitive where cable is eating their lunch..like in Frederick county, Maryland. I used to have VZ DSL because Adelphia sucked. Then after nearly 5 years of solid service they dropped my speeds to 2 megabits solid..never went up..never went down. When i called tech support i was told multiple times be glad you have that much. I moved to comcast the same day. Now VZ is trying to use 7.1 to shore up where they have not deployed fios..not working here.

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