11 thoughts on “Verizon to Launch FiOS TV in NYC on Monday”

  1. Get ready to see more of those inane “the fiber” ads from Time Warner – as they try to hang on to the thousands of customers they will surely be losing to Verizon FiOS. Competition will be a nice change of pace in Manhattan (for those who are connected anyway).

    Do you know what time this “ceremony” will take place at Grand Central?

  2. @NYC, most of Manhattan is Time Warner, with some areas getting RCN.

    In Brooklyn and Queens, Time Warner is still the dominant one, though for example Cablevision is available for me now. Cablevision has most of Long Island and New Jersey suburbs.

    I couldn’t be more excited for this. I really want the multi-room DVR in particular, but at the very least if this drives down prices and/or increases service levels on the woeful TWC I would be very happy.

    That said, the FIOS Internet side of things has been “coming soon” to my neighborhood in Brooklyn for 2 years 🙂

  3. wait until fios customers realise you cant run server applications on fios.

    so no more personal blog websites, no more exchange servers at home, hell technically you are barred from even running a slingbox.

    fios might be fast but if you cant use it then whats the point.

    Dean Collins

  4. Dean: Verizon’s $99 static-IP service (aimed at businesses, but available residentially) is actually terrific for server apps. I don’t know if it’s a terms-of-service violation, but it works great. And, in any event, Time Warner Cable’s residential TOS doesn’t permit server apps either.

  5. josh, it’s not the ip issue thats the problem – time warner doesn’t block ports. fios is (or so i’ve read from people who have had it installed).


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