3 thoughts on “Vine gets better with age: How screens, speed and networks are changing the future of online video”

  1. the flow of each medium (to use a familiar art term) for creative expression and then intermingling the flow of those into one comprehensive story is as unique as each individual. for me, i find my resonance with the vibrations of the flow of not just the coding, but find the connection to any specific platform to also be dependent on the hardware being used. not too different then painting, i find.

  2. Okay. I dig social media in all its forms.

    But it does look like, unless it is ported to YouTube, that Vine can’t be captioned or described in text.

    I love social media. But I hate it when they forget to bake in accessibility. Please tell me I’m wrong, and it is easy for folks with hearing or vision impairments to “read” Vine.

  3. Its interesting Om – we`re finding at GetFilmi (http://getfilmi.com) that the majority of our members watch fairly long-form content (indian films are often 2hrs +) mainly on tablets, then computers, then TVs ( how many of the tablets and computers are then plugged into TVs is an open question) – media consumption habits online for video seem to be quite contextual – where context includes who is watching, when they’re watching and what they are watching.

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