7 thoughts on “Shopify, too, launches a point of sale system, will compete with Square, GroupOn & others”

  1. I’m a small business currently with shopify as our web shop and square for POS. I adore shopify for the professional features and great customer service. However – NO WAY would we leave Square for such a monthly fee on software. Shopify just took over the card processing for Stripe but now offers a monthly fee for something that should be PART of their service. Happy to pay the transaction charge or for hardware – but to pay for the software seems a non-strategic choice. I’m sticking with SQUARE on this one until the landscape changes.

    (ps – also a seller who has been saddened watching etsy make policies that do not support handmade. It’s well demonstrated that market integrity is a priority – Particularly the fiasco last april when they featured a furniture importer as a featured seller – many vocal shops were deleted).

    Finding one’s way as a small independent handmade business remains a constant challenge!!! Thanks Om – for covering so many issues relevant to emerging independent businesses!

    1. $50/month seems pretty reasonable to have all your brick/mortar information to sync with your online store. See everything in one portal despite having numerous channels.

    2. Exactly my thoughts, I just did the math and without the extra monthly charge I will be paying thirty cents extra with Shopify vs Square on a average sale. No thank you. You would REALLY have to want your shop to sync for that kind of money.

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