2 thoughts on “Facebook’s share of digital advertising growing fast, thanks to mobile”

  1. I still fail to see how Facebook achieved any “innovation” in mobile advertising. They basically followed in the footsteps of Airpush, Millennial Media, Tapjoy and a few others that really understand relevance and creativity in mobile advertising. I haven’t seen anything truly original out of Facebook yet, which why I maintain that mobile ad networks are always going to be superior to social networks for mobile advertising.

  2. These are some pretty impressive spending stats – but will they result in any impressive profits? Mobile and digital ads are clearly the popular trend these days, and Facebook getting on board is no surprise, but these kind of heavy investments may not in reality be the best use of a marketer’s budget. Just because we spend a lot of time on our smartphones, and on Facebook in particular, does not automatically mean the ads we see there will in fact translate to conversions. Companies need to track the impact of these advertising channels in relation to other mediums in order to get a comprehensive understanding of which pieces of their campaign strategy are really driving results.

    Jeff Zwelling,
    CEO and co-founder of Convertro

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