4 thoughts on “VON: What Next One Billion?”

  1. Nothing like a bunch of lawyers and professors sitting around telling the rest of us ”what its like” in the trenches………
    Geez, why doesnt somebody organize a ‘””REALITY ORIENTED VOIP Discussion”?????????

    we cannot even get a million hooked up IN USA on VOIP as of yet and they worrying about the next BILLION?????

  2. Completely agreed. Next billion is a load of ivory tower self-masturbation. How can you start talking about VoIP when copper or coax is nowhere to be seen, where personal computers are for the rich, where the average annual family income is equivalent to a PDA or iPod. What about teaching to read or write, let alone speak English? There’s still enough room in the US alone for everyone present at VON to dedicate careers and focus alone for the next twenty years.

  3. I guess Evslin is happy to see democratiziation of the service provider market. Otherwise, he will be preaching how we can be independent of all of them.

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