5 thoughts on “Waiting for MSN TV 3”

  1. I greatly enjoy the msntv-2 experience as a advanced senior. I have no interest in laptops& other computer options. The deuce does it for me. What I am concerned about is msft’s arrogance and condesending attitude concerning maintaining loyality to it’s committments. Steve Balmer needs to speakout about the plans for the msntv program and where it is heading. There is a growing contingent that would like the Internet Content on TV Concept to survive. I for one would definately purchase a new msntv-3 when available. Bring It On MSFT! gcr

  2. Over the last 2 years I WAS repeat WAS part of BETA Group and them saying another test within 2 months well that lasted 1-1 1/2 years.

    There was a ALPHA also.

    I have talked to both ADOBE and MSN and basically they were saying as far as flash etc.is it is at it’s limits — Software=yes and hardware=no.

    Another word for screw the customer.

    Adobe refers to MSN-TV2 and MSN-TV2 refers to ADOBE. My guess is start saving for a computer.

  3. where can i find an old web tv 2 all i have is a first webtv and i cant do much with it fot what i am paying each month thanks Tim

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