8 thoughts on “For Vonage it keeps getting worse”

  1. Bad news and not one mention of the patent lawsuit in your article Om. Death match with Verizon? Sounds like they are fighting a death match with their business model.

  2. Ironically, as dire as things seem with their finances and patent case with Verizon, my Vonage service has never been better. (Knock on wood – calling support has always been painful.)

  3. My whole business relies on Vonage. Couldn’t be happier with it.

    I hope Vonage survives because I haven’t found any service that does what Vonage does at the prices they offer.

  4. I hope Vonage survives, I’ve used Skype, Telus and Packet8 and to be honest its the best one, in terms of value, call quality and features.

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