18 thoughts on “Vonage gets temporary injunction, stays open”

  1. Ok Om, now that the judge has barred Vonage from signing new customers, it’s high time to figure out exactly what is in the claims of the patents that Vonage is allegedly infringing.

    Are the claims related to the fact that Vonage is a “bring your own broadband” type VoIP service provider?

    In that case, would it be possible to circumvent the claims if Vonage changed its business model to be a combined broadband/VoIP supplier that routes all calls over its own network up to and including the PSTN interface? I could see that being possible by seeking a merger with someone like Covad, but we need real reporters to go out and get the real
    details, PLEASE

  2. Dear Readers,

    Like it was said once before in the comments section of Gigaom in 2005, Carlos Bhola was right; Vonage couldn’t make it without significant wireless or MSO partners.

    The only profit left in Vonage at this point are the rights to the book and movie. What a fun book it will be to read when it comes out.

  3. what kind of “work around” could they be working on. the only thinkg i can think of is instead of running over a data connection – they run thru a local number. just way that the calling cards or Globe Dialer do it for mobile phones (www.globedialer.com)

  4. Vonage is toast. A more interesting book would be “The Fleecing of Investors” which could be a biography of Citron. Wonder what the SEC will hit him with this time?

  5. Berninger’s comment may be true, but it comes back to churn and whether Vonage will have any customer left even IF it were to ultimately prevail. You have to assume that Vonage’s already-high churn rates will jump by a factor of 2 or even 4. Assuming straight-line line losses from current levels, it is conceivable that the company could run out of subscribers before the end of this year.

  6. Of course they got an injunction… lol if this goes through can you imagine the implications its basically shutting down a pretty large telephone service… I mean their are people that vonage is their only phone line. We’re talking millions of people here

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