16 thoughts on “Vote for GigaOM”

  1. Hold on there cowboy!!!

    If news.com gets half its stories from reading your site, then how can they even be in the contest?

    Opps, nevermind. I forget this is: America.

  2. Om,

    There appears to be widespread confusion about the nature of this online survey, and by now I have to admit the fault is at least partly ours for not making things clear. The online survey, admittedly unscientific, is just what it is: what readers think (including readers who have been asked by site operators to vote for them–hey, we didn’t say you can’t campaign!). There won’t be “winners” per se, because we’re just going to tally up votes and lay out the results.

    We’re also doing an entirely separate, more select list of editors’ picks because, well, we think that kind of judgment is one thing readers pay us to do. Reader votes won’t necessarily have any impact on that, partly because we know the survey is unscientific, partly because we also want to highlight the very best, and especially these days, those can be ones not everybody has heard about.

    Anyway, good luck either way!

  3. Happy to vote for you, although frankly Slashdot and Techdirt are pretty darn good outfits. I also wrote in DSLReports.com, a dramaic example of ood reporting combined with what we now call citizen journalism. That site has more solid information on UJ.S. broadband than anyone else.

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