9 thoughts on “Why not Skapple?”

  1. Dang. I was hoping Snapple was trying to get in on the “Looking to Buy Skype” bandwagon.

    That would be so cool. Buy a Snapple, win free SkypeOut. Want to talk but you’re too busy drinking? Just Skapple!

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  3. And if they’re worth their mettle they’ll skip the old-world phone (line or cellular) angle altogether and go straight for a wifi-voip-ipod thingie… and at least I would be happy as a clam 🙂

  4. > Skype’s super valuation might be justified, some argue. No not as far as I can see!

    Well, as I said… let the market decide. Maybe we’ll soon find out. That is, if Skype has any plans to be bought at all. They might want to hold on and let the VCs exit the IPO route.

  5. Gizmoproject is a better piece of software, very Mac like and offers more features than Skype. It is just out of beta but isn’t a closed system like Skype.

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