5 thoughts on “Want Blackberry 8800? Get in line”

  1. Yup, the Blackberry is definitely a hot item, but you the analogy to the the Wii is a bit off – the numbers today show the Wii running away from the competition in January. Once in a while times hot items become runaway hits that transcend their niche…

  2. Somehow, I have not been a fan of Blackberry, but this one looks nice! I hope Palm has new products lined up!

    Personally, I will wait for iPhone (not Cisco iPhone :-))

  3. Today, wsj reviewed the 8800. It’s a nice addition to the lineup, but the keyboard is not as convenient as before. This might be the only reason that might keep users from buying it.

  4. RIM is getting way too niche!
    if you ask me, I see the Blackberry going out of European shirt pockets, simply because it shows a man tied to his work.

    Design-wise, it would be nice to see a device which does everything, but doesn’t show that it can!



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