2 thoughts on “Where have all the SmartPhones gone?”

  1. Om…

    Samsung has a Smarty working on Verizon and now Sprint. It even has an SDIO slot for WiFi card (now the question is does anyone have the drivers)

    Secondly, be aware that the Treo’s sold by the carriers are SIM locked. Look on eBay for an unlocked one and then make sure the phone is allowed on the network.

    While you can roam, some of the carriers, especially Cingular here in the USA don’t let some equipmet on their network with their SIM’s.

    When I was in Europe, I could use my unlocked XDA/T-Mobile PDA phone on Vodafone in UK and SFR in France, it would not work on O2 or Orange.

    Andy Abramson

  2. I suffered through two years with T-Mobile. In the fall of 2001 they changed their billing systems. The new system failed to actually mail or email out statements. Obviously you would miss a payment as a result and the collections dept would phone.

    Then the next day the phone would go off around 6am. It was an automated call asking my opinion of my call from the collection dept.

    Here in Seattle their coverage is amazing. But then all their exec live here.

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