6 thoughts on “Why I think Speakeasy Sucks… one more time”

  1. We’ve had speakeasy for 3+ years now – the best DSL provider either of us have ever had in terms of customer service and ease of setup.

  2. wait till you get billed for a service that was cancelled a year ago, and then you will come around. its strange – i just have not had a good experience with them, and now with service disconnected, all things settled, i am getting billed for a “non existent package.

  3. Yup, happen to me to when I migrated from Speakeasy after the disasterous Boston POP to NYC NAP “upgrade” back in February of 2004. I was billed for two months after I dropped service with them. Granted they resolved the issue quickly but a pain to call in and wait on hold.

  4. i agree with everyone all speakeasy horror stories happen to me i got two free monthes out of it but the troubleshooting time i spent on the phone with the tier 1 2 and 3 was about 3 hours a day and all they wanted to do for me was send a tech out for 100 $ an hour

  5. speakeasy sucks get cable telephone lines in the ground can be very old cable lines are more stable pretty soon there will be fiber and cable will be outdated dsl will make a comeback cha ching

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