9 thoughts on “Why I will buy Samsung P735”

  1. holy crap! i’ve had a sony ericsson t610 for a year and i’m loving it, so here are a few questions:

    – does it do bluetooth
    – can i “link it” to OS X addressbook via bluetooth like with the t610?
    – does it work with iSync?

    thanks for any info you can provide! 🙂


  2. well here we go – it does not do any of the three things you say. which means its mac unfriendly and does not have a bluetooth. now despite that i would buy this. so this is a pretty strong endorsement from my side. i like the fact that it has speaker phone and all those things. as a t610 replacement, i suggest you go for nokia 6620 or the sony z600 i think. samsung does not do anything bluetooth it seems. someone needs to write a USB driver for samsung addressbook

  3. The S700i might not be a bad upgrade for you either Chris. It just got finished by Sony Ericsson, and is up to T-Mobile whether or not they are going to carry it. It has Bluetooth and should work fine with iSync.

  4. If you want a t610 replacement, the K700i is a great model that does pretty much all this samsung model does but doesn’t have an mmc slot. the z600 was a good model (I upgraded from it) but it didn’t have mp3 ringtones and speakerphone, which the k700i does, and the K700i has a better camera and icons. Oh and of course it has bluetooth and works with mac os x fully. Did I mention it even has additional functions in mac os x, like navigation in mac os x and the ability to control iTUnes/keynote/powerpoint WITHOUT additional software? Apple have provided the functionality already!


  5. It’s expensive. It has no bluetooth. I bet you can’t install 3rd party software to it. I bet you can’t beam images & sound files via IR to any nokia phone and vice versa.

    I agree with @vishi… go for symbian phones! You won’t regret it. ˆº

  6. See there are such limited symbian options in the US. sign up with AT&T and you can get nokia 6620 which i actually like. Cannot afford the P900 as yet. So that is why I always go with the phone that does the most – i.e. 9 out of 10 things for me. Maybe when the Nokia communicator comes out, I will totally switch to symbian!

  7. Wow! Does this have Speaker phone? you mean built-in hand free loud speaker? @.@!!!!

    When do we get to see this phone in U.S?!!!

  8. hey! you guys know samsung is a korean company? well they have this in korea and it came out a year ago! and I had it when I used to live there and it was great!! this is the best!!!!!!cell phone you can ever get!!so just wait until it comes out and save your money!! you don’t need no ipod or a digital camera or a camcorder!!and the camera on the phone I had in korea was 350zoom!! that is awsome! well do you know then this comes out in the US?

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