4 thoughts on “Why Internet of Things Will Change Mobile Networks”

  1. Om, you totally hit the nail on the head. The following line is telling of another trend:

    “The connected devices that use machine-to-machine connections include in-car telematic systems, e-book readers, e-frames, cellular-based security alarms and smart meters”

    You didn’t include mobile devices in that list because its the obvious network-enabled device. But the same way people have predicted voice is just another application on top of a core IP connection, this philosophy can be extended to wireless devices. The mobile phone could eventually be just another interface on a wireless IP network, albeit a very personal one with unique advantages.

    But I think from a bandwidth consumption, in addition to the devices you listed, in-home TV is another vertical to keep an eye on. Fiber is expensive to roll out and as recently demo’d by Clear, video over a 4G connection can work fairly well. Aided with the trend of cordcutting, how long before TV’s are shipped with LTE cards baked in?

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