9 thoughts on “Why Skype bought GroupMe and why it isn’t enough”

    1. You will be surprised by the marginal nature of Microsoft’s ownership of Facebook. I am betting it is Facebook that dictates the terms of that relationship. Facebook is in it to win it and if that means shunting aside Skype and Microsoft, they will.

  1. nice to see Skype not just battening down until the MS $ come through… they’re continuing to run a smart business.
    Sadly though with the last couple of releases it looks like the quality of their core product is suffering – the UI on OSX and Windows has become cluttered and less intuitive (folks like my Mum are scared and confused by it now), things like auto-login aren’t working reliably (so I keep ending up not logged in), and things like the Skype “home” page keep popping up (I’d pay to kill that!).

    that coupled with things like Google Voice muscling in on the international calling scene at very competitive rates, as well as rivals like Viber getting a lot of love and you have to wonder how long they’ll be able to command the industry leading position they have

  2. When Microsoft bought Skype, it didn’t need technology. Microsoft already had voice chat and audio/video codecs. Microsoft was just buying a user base.

    So what has effectively happened is that GroupMe is now under the Microsoft umbrella. However, Microsoft doesn’t know who it wants to be. It deserted its business phone users (abandoning Windows Mobile), failed to create consumer desire for Windows Phone, and doesn’t have a viable business model for Windows Phone (licensing an OS for a fee won’t work against advertising-based Android).

    If the parent company is lost and doesn’t know who it is, then the subdivisions will suffer the same dilemma. In that way, GroupMe, Skype and Microsoft are a perfect fit.

    1. J.Stewart

      Well thought out argument. I would only add — I think Skype despite its size and network continues to make little mistakes that will only get compounded in the future. I think by the time Microsoft gets to it, it will be in a difficult place.

  3. I am just curious why can’t Skype build up the technology themselves since Groupme is just product of a TC Hackathon over the weekend. In terms of user base, Skype has plenty. In terms of talent, it’s over paying for the obscene amount for this.

  4. This is completely crazy. They’re definitely not worth a fraction of that! It’s amazing how these really early companies are selling out so quickly instead of creating a real business.

    I Doubt companies like http://www.swifto.com or turntable.fm be willing to sell for that price..

  5. don’t take investment if you want to remain independent. investors don’t care if you want to remain independent they want to double their money.

  6. The start ups are always the seeds to innovation. And if they giving out to big companies for the merger, the uniqueness is loss to the strategies of the host companies. Thanks for the mention, it sure is a news for me.

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