7 thoughts on “Why we love to use iPad indoors — WiFi”

  1. I blew through my 3 gigs in record time! Outdoors is simply not suitable to the task of browsing, but I tend to use mine on the porches, or public transport regularly. It just helps to be static for a few minutes. There is something of a mode change that happens…

  2. If the cost of 3G data plans is putting people off outdoor use, why will LTE be any cheaper? The MNOs will have a lot of sunk cost to recover. As long as there is free(ish) WiFi, the mobile networks will struggle to get anyone to use their networks for any data hungry applications like Netflix and Vimeo. Cellular/mobile networks are going to be relegated to people actually on the move: in trains, planes & automobiles, if they don’t address data pricing. In metro areas at least, the ability to handover from one cell tower to another is becoming their only USP.

  3. Interesting picture. But don’t apply US metrics to the UK. About 40% of iPads are 3G – source gfk based on epos and channels intel rather than this dodgy US study. That said how many have empty sim slots…

  4. Maybe we use iPads indoors because it is near impossible to see the screen outdoors when it is bright and lovely?

  5. As an iPad wifi-only owner, I’ve maybe encountered 1 or 2 situations over the last year where I wished for 3G connectivity. In general, all the places I would use it (at home, work, airport, hotel, etc) has wifi.

  6. Very true. 3G plans are very expensive and it will take some more years to see people completely depend on 3G than the WiFi one.


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