4 thoughts on “Now even retailers want to be like….”

  1. What is missing is the ability to create applications on such a platform. I began looking at services several years ago that I thought would be ideally suited to the space. It would be nice if PayPal or Square created a platform for such services. Then again, the first that does may be the disrupter you speak of…

  2. A couple of months back we were looking for dedicated 2D (QR Code) scanners. All of them were more expensive than an iPod Touch and dumb (ie needed another smart device to integrate with our API’s). There was 1 PDA based scanner which was about 7x iPod Touch.

    Just based on hardware economics, the dedicated hardware industry is totally ripe to be disrupted. The writing on the wall becomes even clearer when you get to ease of software development, deployment & management.

  3. Nicholas – SubtleData has created a platform for such services. It integrates the POS to the mobile app with APIs. It is very disruptive. 🙂

  4. I found it to be really weird to walk into an Apple store, buy something off the shelf with my phone and then walk out never talking to anyone. I felt like I was shoplifting.

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