9 thoughts on “A Widgets Live Thank You”

  1. Conference video is a bit tough to do well. Ideally you’d capture the video output from the presenter’s laptop as well as their actions behind the podium or as part of a panel. You also want to have a direct line-in from the sound board for the best possible audio. Lots of gear plus you have to staff it.

    I don’t own any video gear and there was too much work that needed to be done for the attendee experience to worry about capturing the event in additional multimedia formats, getting waivers from each speaker their company, hosting it, and then either monetizing all that work.

  2. I learned a lot, met a lot of people and saw more clearly how these “widgets,” are the start of something big, what that exactly is I’m not sure any of us fully realize. I especially enjoyed the panel on widget aggregators and the simple, fresh perspecives of Ed Anuff and Ivan Pope.

    Congratulations on a great conference and I look forward to seeing what conferences are next from GigaOM!

  3. Wow, Niall certainly has an iron will. I’ve never been so brutally closed down while speaking. However, he was completely right – timing is everything and I doff my cap to Om and Niall and look forward to the next event.

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