15 thoughts on “Will Facebook Flyers Fly?”

  1. This is an interesting idea. I took a look at it and I think it will be a great tool to promote events. I would also like to see the option to not only target colleges and areas but also companies.

  2. $10 for 5000 people seeing their flyer (assuming they actually look at it and read it) seems like a good deal for groups like bands playing a gig in a college town, e.g., targeting a specific college with the ad.

    I wonder if and how other types of groups will use the ads – restaurants? festivals? and if other ads will evolve on facebook.

  3. Not sure about the 18-24 months, but it seems that there has been some serious push towards this end. i might actually try them out for the heck of it… and do a little promotion for one of our sites.

  4. CPM of $2, that is not too expensive. If you are able to target specific items such as users interests and specific groups than I could see this service getting a lot of traction.

  5. Yeah! $2 CPM is pretty inexpensive considering that they allow 200 characters plus a proper image in the flyer ad. Unfortunately, it’s not open for people outside the US yet.

  6. A couple of noteworthy conditions are: 1. Even if the site was down during the campaign, a refund will not be issued; 2. The charge is based on CPM and not click through action. It is not clear to me why they would make these conditions. I will be interested in knowing yours and other readers thoughts on these.

  7. Why is this news? Flyers have been up for the last year at least. My startup purchased a bunch of them before we realized that click-throughs are almost non existant. From that 5000 impressions you might only get 1 or 2 click-throughs.

  8. matt, maybe i just have discovered the flyers – i am not sure if they were this obvious. at least for past six months when i have used facebook prior to this current push!

  9. Jack is correct to say flyers have been around 18-24 months… maybe even longer. However in the past you could only buy flyers within college networks and to buy flyers at a network that you were not a member of was more expensive than your own network.

    I believe now you can buy flyers at any network (college, regional, work, etc… maybe not high school) and its all the same price.

  10. Just a little question: with all of us noobs coming to Facebook, do you think that these flyers will become more effective in terms of driving click throughs etc.

  11. I’ve run a few Flyer campaigns with varying success; the genre of the ad seemed to be the biggest driver of success (or lack of), with some ads getting hundreds of clicks in a batch of 5000, and others getting fewer than 10.

    Admittedly, my experimental data isn’t exactly wonderful, but I suspect davidu (above) is right…

  12. I think Facebook users learn relatively quickly to tune the banner ads out. Ads embedded in the mini news feed seem much more effective for them.

  13. As from a perspective of both a student organisation leader as well as working with social marketing I feel that these could be useful for my student organisation in the sense that there are very few other well targetted ad-mediums available to me (I would value the way that you can choose which campus it’s displayed at).

    Also I would probably also publish all the info on the event in the flyer text and require less click-through (even though it would be beneficial). However – I still agree with many here that the cost is too high and it’s hard to follow-up on results.

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