15 thoughts on “Will Joltid Turn eBay's Dream of a Skype IPO Into a Nightmare?”

  1. I predict it’s a non-issue. Every other IM and VOIP system gets along fine without it. Come to think of it, so does Hulu! P2P was good for piracy.

  2. The easy way around this IP issue is for Skype to purchase a proper SIP VOIP based provider such as Truphone!

    1. Truphone could not fix this problem for them – they are two wholly incompatible companies. Truphone sell cheap minutes to travellers – Skype is a general communications company. Truphone offers no value to Skype.

  3. looks like janus & niklas had it planned all along ….. which appears quite funny to me that none from whitman’s team had any clue of this coming.

  4. Help me out here… Ebay buys Skype for $3B, but the underlying technology that makes it work is not included in the sale, and the sellers (who made a killing) then sue Ebay for using it??

    Forget about the fact that Ebay buying Skype was a dumb idea to begin with. But even if it made sense, was there no due diligence???

  5. A half a billion (with a ‘B’) users are registered with Skype. And they grew significantly in 2008.

    So, sorry the description “dumb idea” doesn’t quite cut it, not with 500 million users anyway.

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