2 thoughts on “Wireless Philadelphia: Back From the Dead”

  1. That is pretty exciting that there might be a city wide wireless network. But it will probably be so unreliable and bogged down that it won’t be worth it in the end.

  2. It worked well for the short time that it was available. Now, you can still connect to the network, signal strength is good (depending on your location), but you just can’t use it. I mean it shows as being connected, but when you try to “surf” the internet, you get the old “not connected to the internet” messages. There seems to be absolutely NO explanation, or help ANYWHERE on the net for this problem. It makes no sense at all. No explanation from the city; no explanation from the company that supposedly “acquired” the service from Earthlink; and not a single word from our many local publications or news outlets. Way to go Philly.

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