9 thoughts on “WWD Gets Chronicled”

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  2. I know this place has already become a daily must-read along with my morning cuppa. I’m not exactly living in a mecca for web workers, so it’s great to have a resource like this, full of like-minded souls, to help me get out of the vacuum.

  3. Thanks guys, I enjoy what you write and wish you all full power for the next 82,666.

    One thing though, it would be great if you didn’t just blog for blogs sake. I know page views are important for you but I for one wil be reading less avidly if there are more posts of the “what kind of donut do you eat whilst web working”.

    All the best!

  4. Nice piece and definitely inspiring. I see these guys working away at the local coffee shops, and I just say “All the power to them!”

  5. Congrats WWD. Terrific service. I’ve learned about so many great tools in the little time that I’ve been an RSS subscriber. I look forward daily to my feed and I think your signal:noise ratio (i.e., useful posts that I read in full: not so useful posts) is higher than anything else i subscribe too. If I could only take two RSS feeds “on a desert island,” it would be WWD and the creativity exchange (http://creativeclass.typepad.com/), which has little to do with my work but is consistently compelling.

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