21 thoughts on “Yahoo, Now Offering Search as a Web Service”

  1. Very interesting post – someone tweeted today. I’m skeptical too but this could be an industry shaking move. Only time will tell. Thanks for bringing this into the spotlight.

  2. This makes a huge difference for alternative search engines such as ours at http://www.cluuz.com. We were part of the alpha process as well (Cluuz implements the new Yahoo BOSS API) and from personal experience with the BOSS team I can tell you that they have a great vision. With this move Yahoo is essentially fostering innovation in the search space as the alts (alternative search engines) are the ones doing the interesting work in search these days.

  3. I think 300M is an over optimistic low number. You not only have to have a better result, you also must deliver it in the same time as Google and have a better business model.
    So the whole thing boils down to ROI.
    Or in other words, search is just a front end to the back end and that is where the money goes and which makes it work, or not. So the idea that you can just develop a new algorithm and throw it onto somebodies back end and deliver better results in the same time, seems to be showing a little disrespect or understanding on what Information is and how it is stored and retrieved.
    I’m highly skeptical.

  4. Good perspective. I agree that it’s a big risk for Yahoo but what have they got to lose at this point? BOSS opens search to so much innovation and creativity, regardless of what happens to Yahoo, it will be good for the industry. I hope it’s successful.

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  6. Will you all give me a break? The search game is over for the forseeable future. Yahoo lost. It doesn’t matter what they do; they are going to be down to single digit marketshare by 2010. They simply don’t matter anymore.

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