21 thoughts on “Yahoo, Others Eyeing Bit.ly”

  1. I have little doubt of their value but what in the heck would Yahoo do with it? I don’t get the connection to Yahoo at all. Yahoo News perhaps?

  2. It would appear to me that the url shortening service (bit.ly) became popular through twitter, and if twitter decides to come out with their own, who would really use the service?

    Not a smart purchase in my eyes! At least not for 100 million!

    1. Twitter did come out with their own shortener, didn’t they? What makes bit.ly more and more a standard is the nifty plug in to Tweetdeck and other applications, as well as the tracking.

      I always push businesses to use it, so they can track.

  3. Heh. http://OneCent.US has almost TEN times the features of bit.ly. And why do you call them New York based when their domain extension is Libyan? They got 2 million bucks in funding in 2009. Where’s it going? Well, they have nine people on their “team” and an office on 13th Street in lower Manhattan. OneCent.US at least did not resort to a foreign domain extension to lop a character off our shortened URLs. Be interesting to see if this comment makes it past moderation.

    1. A Libyan domain extension means nothing in terms of a company or individual’s base. I can purchase a .it domain in Canada, never go to Italy, never trade in Italy, or deal with Italian people. It’s simply a suffix for your web domain. The .ly was used to make the name of the company memorable and fun. No different than if Nike purchased JustDo.It. You’ve got too much time on your hands.

  4. What an utter waste of money buying bit.ly would be. I agree with the point that it’s not that it shortens URLs, it’s that it tracks stats in real time – but guess what? So does every other URL shortener out there, and there’s about 10 million of them. In other words, building another bit.ly (that can handle the same scale of URLs and click tracking) would probably cost at most $1M for a company the size of Yahoo. Maybe they’re thinking more about the “brand” but who cares about the brand? It’s a damn URL shortener for the love of all that is holy.

  5. This is the main reason behind why Yahoo is interested in Bit.ly, “a click is a click and Bit.ly counts it, in real time”. Now one can make it out that Yahoo is under the process of revamping its search engine and thus increasing its share in search market. This might be an hidden agenda, but this is the fact of behind-the-scenes developmental works. This is just the first step, more to come in future from Yahoo. Google, better watch out.

  6. Bitly is running low on nice short links. They should use the other domains as well to appeal to the customers. BitlyPro, might provide the solution. Maybe this is what Yahoo is after…

    Yahoo has recently launched MEME service [ http://name.ly/!b$PJ ] – which is one leter shorter.

    They can use bitly’s traffic to streamline it to the new portal.

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