4 thoughts on “Yet another Skype Phone”

  1. You probably read it at http://james.seng.sg/archives/2004/11/21/skype_dualphone.html .

    Please note that this phone does not have Skype embedded in it; for that matter I don’t think I have seen a stand alone Skype “phone”. My suggestion to people who are looking for such a device to consider the following requirements:
    1. Does the handset support wider frequency to exploit the broadband codec that Skype uses?
    2. Does the handset handle sidetone and minimize echo issues given that the mic and the speaker are materially connected?
    2. Do you have to use the computer’s screen for navigating the buddly list and to “dial”?

  2. Aswath, you raise good points. there is no information of any sort on their website which is a shame. anyway you are right, i did read it on james’ blog. thanks again for setting the record straight.

  3. The sad part is that these phones are platform dependant. That is, they only work with Windows. Just sent them a note asking them to add Mac support.

    (Typing this from a PowerBook way down south in rural Chile –Valdivia– using GPRS thru my P900. It’s amazing how much you take broadband for granted!).

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