11 thoughts on “Zune This November with VoIP”

  1. I think the big thing which is a lot of people are missing about Zune is that it a generic name for a while slew of devices Microsoft has planned. clearly, there could be more ways than one voice shows up in one of these devices. still, i agree – people are looking for a simpler experience, nothing too complicated.

  2. standard ms strategy. Throw everything including the kitchen sink at a product and hope that something will catch on.

    I do agree that more features is good. But isn’t it aiming for too much with a first gen product?

  3. It does make sense: if they make the ‘wireless ipod’ (which is how I see it), implementing VoIP wouldn’t be that much work, and wouldn’t need significant hardware changes (exept maybe a mic, but what does that cost?), and could be a big plus. Imagine the still-not-released Netgear Skype phone With buildin iPod!

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