11 thoughts on “Zune This November with VoIP”

  1. If all true, it’s DOA. When will companies learn that consumers want devices optimized for one purpose?

  2. Voip Would be a killer feature. I’m not sure about devices being optimized for one purpose. My laptop does a million things. So does my car, and my xbox 360.

  3. I think the big thing which is a lot of people are missing about Zune is that it a generic name for a while slew of devices Microsoft has planned. clearly, there could be more ways than one voice shows up in one of these devices. still, i agree – people are looking for a simpler experience, nothing too complicated.

  4. Exactly what most people miss. The Zune will be multiple devices and not just a music player. Its a bold move. They aren’t just making a music player thats for sure.

  5. What is it with these Zune fans? The product isn’t even out yet. Talk about bending over for the Borg.

  6. Zune fan,

    I thought you would appreciate this little photo of the product.


    Seriously, I think that MS has an uphill battle to give this thing the mindshare that the iPod has. At the very least, it’d better be trendy, since most people seem to think that their technology now has to be “cute”.

  7. standard ms strategy. Throw everything including the kitchen sink at a product and hope that something will catch on.

    I do agree that more features is good. But isn’t it aiming for too much with a first gen product?

  8. It does make sense: if they make the ‘wireless ipod’ (which is how I see it), implementing VoIP wouldn’t be that much work, and wouldn’t need significant hardware changes (exept maybe a mic, but what does that cost?), and could be a big plus. Imagine the still-not-released Netgear Skype phone With buildin iPod!

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