“You have to trust in something”

A decade ago, an event happened that changed my life. Some of you old friends and readershave followed the progressreports. But, honestly, it would take a full ten years for me to understand the impact and outcome of that one event. Life in many ways is like a paint by numbers book, where you can color, one tiny bit at a time but within invisible lines. The whole picture emerges much later. Perhaps Steve Jobs said it best: Continue reading ““You have to trust in something””

On Kafka’s Podcast

Recode’s Peter Kafka was kind enough to invite me on his podcast, “Recode Media with Peter Kafka” to generally chit chat about life, venture capital and media. We reminisced about our days at Forbes. We talked about my life at True Ventures, and how a near death experience changed my life for the better. Oh we discussed my disagreement with John Gruber, though I know it isn’t something you need to think about. But in the end, we talked about my love for technology. Peter thinks I have a radio voice, so might actually contemplate my reviving own podcast ;-), You can listen to Recode Media in the audio player linked below or via iTunesGoogle Play MusicTuneIn and Stitcher.