4 thoughts on “Raje Shwari, shooed out of Timbaland Heaven”

  1. I know Raje personally…She is the hardest working woman i know…South asians, Indians, desi’s should be proud of her cause she ain’t a sell out….I was timbalands people…not tim who got greedy…Any way Raje is doing some shows on the road..in detroit this week end…

  2. Kumar, I must agree w/you. Only a hard working & determined person would be able to produce the sound this woman releases staight from her lungs into a mic. Raw, exciting & unaltered talent is hard to find these days. There are too many artists that need the help of “the studio” and when we, as music lovers are able to sit back and enjoy God given talents it is truly a pleasure. Whatever has happened between Raje’ & Timbaland, I’m sure will only be another source of strength for her and a plus for us when we finally get that CD of hers!!

  3. Where can i find some more music from Raje, I love her voice it is very relaxing…thanks if anyone can help

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