One thought on “A million here, a million there”

  1. Om,

    I am a long time reader of your blog and have the highest respect for you and Arianna. I questioned the VCs for making a $5M investment, not the bloggers for taking it. I am truly sorry if my post led to an assumption that you also raised $5M.
    My post didn’t say you took $5M, in fact I didn’t mention an amount because I have never seen it published or confirmed.

    I said in a followup post “Om and Arianna are definitely A-Listers. If anyone can do it they can. But it is a risky bet indeed.”

    Robert Scoble told me you plan to build out a blog network. That would make sense and explain why VC money was needed to fund that type of expansion. Still, it is hard to understand how Arianna could need $5M…unless she is taking a traditional media approach with an office, staffers, and overhead.

    Good luck to you. I truly hope you are successful. And, of course I will keep reading your blog on a regular basis.

    Don Dodge

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