14 thoughts on “Winer Goes Wireless”

  1. Whenever we’ve looked at this in the past, the main issues have been:

    (i) ergonomic – reading, and especially writing, on a mobile is a pain for more than a few words. Blackberry is better, but its still not a PC, which remains the device of choice for any serious work I suspect.

    (ii) economic – i.e. the cost of using mobile bandwidth vs IP via dsl/wifi for much more than SMS

    (iii) ecosystem – there is no real standard for mobile operations, so what works on one type in one service provider may not work on the next.

    I have a 3G phone (RAZR) and a wifi iPac, its cool to do all this stuff on them, but the novelty soon wears off and the laptop gets to do the heavy hauling again.

    So far the most useful mobile data device (for me) has been the 3G mobile card I use in my laptop PC so I can get online when I don’t have access to dsl or wifi. I can also use it on trains. I pay a monthly fee for it so its a simple arrangement no matter wher I am.

  2. It’s bad enough trying to type with two thumbs while shooting out e-mails on the mobile. I can only imagine the effort needed to post a comment on a blog…

  3. I don’t get ze Blackberry hype. Any mobile wiz IMAP mail client can get push mail, my Nokia N80 does it, I just don’t disconnect from ze IMAP mailserver. And wiz T9 typing text is quite fast, no full qwerty keyboard is not ze end of ze world, alzou it’s good to have.

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