7 thoughts on “My mom gets an iPad…”

  1. Heart warming. Right to not “friend” her . . . she’s your mother! My mother is a great friend, but not on fb.

  2. One of your best pictures yet. I’d vote for it on the Ray Band photography comp. if you enter it this year.

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    Counting Om as an online acquaintance is one of the brightest features of my 29 years online. He’s a friend and peer of my “boss” over at the Big Blog, John C Dvorak – whence our connection stems.

    His success as a tech journalist, Web empire builder, venture capitalist partner hasn’t changed a jot of his humanity and character. His personal website is comparatively undiscovered and I’m selfish enough to hope it kind of stays that way. A visit feels like having a quiet moment aside from the tech universe to have a conversation with someone you thoroughly respect.

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