8 thoughts on “Eagle’s Cry”

  1. Oh my.. that is so touching and very genuine.

    I live in Lahore now, back when I was at my hometown, at 13 I found an injured eagle in the nearby river. Your story has just freshened it all back in my mind.

    I hope you find very much peace for long time and heat the same but different eagle cry.
    Wishes from Pakistan.

  2. Delhi is changing at a fast pace. Even if you come back after a year, you won’t be able to recognize many things! I guess that is what it’s true essence is, continuously evolving with time!

  3. Beautiful! You’re right – Delhi has changed a lot. But the city has maintained its core character, I think. People might have changed, lifestyles evolved, but the aggregate milieu (maybe) hasn’t changed. Or maybe I am refusing to believe – holding too tight to the memories of the warm lap I played in as a kid.

    A “home” experience from a few years ago – http://gurshi.wordpress.com/2008/11/07/talent-flowing-unabashingly/

  4. Like the poet said, “You can’t go home again…

    I tried a few times. Now, I live in the present and read history.

    A lovely reflection, Om. Very special.

  5. Life is all about moving on for new and better opportunity, to break the shackles of past and cuddle the new…in the process many beautiful things we need to sacrifice to make space for new…that’s why many go to developed cities as they don’t want to face the challenges of developments… I didn’t liked the post…specially from a person who left everything for something better and wanted his past to remain still and waiting for his return…if you really loved your childhood, that smell of the wet soil…than why you left? The people has no right to talk about India who don’t have time for her…double faced approach…

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