So what’s the story with Microsoft & Jessica Alba


I went to Microsoft’s big Windows Phone event earlier this week to see if there was anything I need to keep an eye on when it came to company’s latest version of its mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, which didn’t seem too different from Windows Phone 7. There were, as promised a lot of new shiny toys from Samsung, HTC and of course, Nokia. One of the more exciting parts of the launch was onstage appearance of actress and mom (twice over) Jessica Alba.

She got on stage and played the part of an excited fan and extolled the virtues of the Windows Phone. She ooh-and-aahed about the phone. And when she stopped, she pitched her latest venture, The Honest Company on stage as well.

Given that paparazzi have in the past snapped photos of her with her iPhone, I wondered if the change of heart was for real or was it a paid endorsement. So I asked Microsoft. And didn’t get much of an answer. So I asked again. And I got the same answer from a spokesperson.

As a busy working mom, actress and entrepreneur, Jessica’s here to share how her Windows Phone keeps her connected to the things she cares about most. Yes, she will play a role in our advertising. In the coming weeks you’ll see more from her and a variety of other people that will bring our phone to life through their stories. However, we aren’t sharing anything further about the relationship.

I am guessing it is an endorsement deal. They just don’t want to call it that — the onstage appearance wouldn’t feel authentic if the commercial relationship was made public.

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