4 thoughts on “A denim brand to remember”

    1. No this is a different kind of yarn and it is pretty classy denim. I like Levi’s except they don’t fit me well at all and they are just too long in the rise for short people 🙂

  1. Great post, I’ll try to remember this EDWIN fellas. To find a beauty-perfect-durable-glovefitting jeans is one of the most pleasant feelings that you might have.

  2. That sounds very reasonable for a great pair of jeans. I was saddened to see Indi Denim go under this past Summer – I have a very tall friend who found they were the only place that could make anything that fit (bespoke is financially out of the question for her – and almost anyone).

    The next time you are in Manhattan it might be fun to check out 3×1 on Mercer just above Canal . They are a made to measure/bespoke shop and have an incredible array of denim. I could never afford it, but I’m interested in machine aided bespoke, so watching real bespoke is fascinating. A friend had a pair made as part of some work she was doing and went along for the design consultation and measurements. Astronomical prices, but an amazing array of denims and some deep knowledge and passion. The jeans were ready for fitting in a few days and had a perfect fit and all of the features she wanted.

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